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IoTSec Australia

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most transformative technology phenomenon of our time.  Regardless of who you ask, IoT adoption is exploding with Gartner predicting approximately 100 billion devices by 2025.  The IoT phenomenon will be worth tens of trillions dollars to the global economy as we connect the unconnected, people to things (P2P), machine to people (M2P) and machine to machine (M2M).  It’s no wonder then that security and risk issues are of top concern to executives as they balance the opportunity value versus risk to deploying IoT en masse.

Against this backdrop IoTSec Australia was founded as an industry initiative whose aim is to help ensure we realise the potential of IoT by advocating for secure practices of the IoT ecosystem encompassing people, process and technology.  It seeks to do this by bringing together IoT/Security practitioners, thought leaders and business executives to collaborate on innovative ways we can pursue our goal of secure by design.

We view IoT as an ecosystem where collaboration between groups, communities with a vested interest is paramount.

IoTSec Australia - Team
Ashish Mahajan - Chief Executive Officer

Tim Cara - Ecosystems Lead

Ashish is a trusted advisor and cyber security professional with a strong motivation to prove security adds value to and enables business strategy.  He has proven industry leadership ability, able to deliver results in challenging timeframes and ability to interact with people at all levels.  Ashish's focus is on IoT in the healthcare and aged care sectors.

Tim is the Founder and Board member of GeoWAN, Australia's public LoraWAN provider.  He is an IoT specialist having firsthand experience of IoT networks and ecosystems across multiple sectors.

Lani - photo.jpeg
Lani Refiti - Chief Security Officer

Lani is a long-time business technologist, advisor and senior executive.  He was one of Australia's first CISSP's in 2002 and is a long-time contributor to Australian Information Security Association (AISA) formerly serving as Branch Chair and Advocacy Board Member.  


In 2017 he co-founded IoTSec Australia to act as an industry advocacy group for securely connecting IoT to it's various use cases.

Jacob Oberman - Partnerships Lead

Jacob is a forward thinking cyber security professional focused on raising awareness of SOCI and similar legislations within critical infrastructure sectors globally.

Interests include corporate cyber security, IoT security, blockchain technology and factual television. Jacob is also an award winning producer and director of factual television.

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