IoT devices put healthcare networks at risk

April 27, 2019

Healthcare organisations struggle with managing legacy systems and medical devices that traditionally have weak security controls, yet both provide critical access to patient health information."Improving visibility into network behaviour enables healthcare organisations to manage risk of legacy systems and new technology they embrace."

Three reasons so many IOT devices are insecure

April 26, 2019

Not always easy to update IOT device security.

IOT devices usually lack end-to-end security.

Devices still rely on passwords

At Microsoft and across the industry, there’s a broad movement away from passwords to authentication of devices. This is also a feature of Azure Sphere.

“Azure Sphere does not use passwords or user accounts. Instead, we leverage certificate-based mutual authentication, which eliminates this attack surface entirely.

Why securing the Internet of Things is crucial to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

April 25, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise our world and is already having a significant impact in many areas of our day-to-day lives. But what exactly do we mean by the IoT, and why is it so important that it is secure?


IoT can broadly be described as any thing that is connected to the internet, but is increasingly being used to define technologies which connect to each other through sensors and networks and make things happen.

The Most Hyped Technology of Every Year From 2000-2018

April 24, 2019

The Most Hyped Technology of Every Year From 2000-2018

Why the future is looking good for Bluetooth Low Energy devices

April 23, 2019

BLE technology Growth is due to continued advances , which are opening up more opportunities to use BLE in Internet of Things applications, such as smart homes, beacons and asset tracking

​Hand sanitiser dispensers raise IOT security concern

March 13, 2019

Hand sanitiser dispensers raise IOT security concern

#IoTSecurity & hand sanitisers..yep hand sanitisers @microsoft hashtag#iot

The task of securing IOT has extended to an unlikely device – dispensers of hand-sanitising gel.

Microsoft has revealed that Azure-connected Purell Smartlink dispensers will be upgraded to protect them from cyber-attacks.

More than 100 US healthcare facilities have deployed 25,000 of the dispensers, which dispense gel and track how often people are cleaning their hands. Sensors in the machines also detect how many people enter and leave a room. The resulting data is sent to Microsoft’s Azure cloud for analysis.

Three data problems that can derail IOT projects

March 06, 2019

Plenty of companies around the world are still struggling to collect enough data from IOT and integrate it effectively, according to a recent report by analyst firm IDC.

#Tackle these issues early, or risk problems later.#


#Data & hashtag#IoT

IoTSec Cybersecurity Forum

June 16, 2016

IoTSec Australia held it's first ever IoT Cybersecurity Forum themed on Connected & Smart Cities and hosted by Cisco in their Brisbane offices.  The two keynote speakers at the event were Cisco GM Northern Region, Scott Reid and Dr Simon Benson, CEO of IoT startup Levaux.  This was followed by a panel of security experts who fielded questions from the audience.  On the panel was Dr Mark Branagan - CERT Australia, Dr Simon Benson - Levaux, Dr David Manfield - Australian Information Security Association, Wade Alcorn - Alcorn Group and Mike Younger - EY. Presentations will be available in the resources section shortly.

IoTSec Cybersecurity Forum

September 22, 2016

IoTSec Australia held it's second IoT cybersecurity forum themed on Industrial IoT and hosted by EY in their Brisbane offices.  Charlie Offer, Lead Partner EY and Andrew West, Scada expert lead the keynotes rounded off by a panel of experts - Dr Mark Branagan CERT Australia, Andrew West, Peter Nikitser ALC-Group, Sean Murdoch Queensland Urban Utilities and Dr Ernest Foo QUT.  The presentations will be available in our resources section shortly.

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