Smart Cities - Secure by Design

Today approx 54% of the world's population resides in urban cities and this is projected to lift to 66% by 2050, with the world's urban population expected to hit 6 billion people by 2045. This makes the movement towards sustainable communities and cities even more compelling. Underpinning this is the concept of a Smart City, described by the Smart Cities Council as " that has digital technology embedded across all city functions". In a Smart City where connected transport, smart health, integrated smart grids are interconnected, security of the infrastructure and citizen privacy will largely determine whether the a city's Smart City strategy is successful or not. Come listen to busines

IoT Thought leadership series - Alok Patel

In this month's IoT Thought leadership series we interview Alok Patel CEO of Azcende a venture capital firm specialising in Smart/Connected Cities. Azcende have produced a whitepaper - Habitats for Humans. It acknowledges the traditional approach to funding Smart/Connected Cities projects has it's place, however it calls for policy makers and Cities to take a startup mentality as well. Alok takes us through private/public partnership and funding, microinvesting as a funding model and ultimately the important role security plays in both the privacy of citizen data and the infrastructure that underpins Smart/Connected Cities. The video will be posted shortly.

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