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IoTSec Australia joins Securing Smart Cities initiative

We are excited to announce that IoTSec Australia, Australia's leading IoT security adocacy and research group has entered into an agreement to join Securing Smart Cities , a global not-for-profit initiative that aims to solve the existing and future cybersecurity problems of smart cities through collaboration between companies, governments, media outlets, other not-for-profit initiatives and individuals across the world.

IoTSec Australia's Executive Director Lani Refiti on the initiative "Considering the increasing trend towards urbanisation, it's imperative that communities and cities utilise technology to enable positive citizen outcomes both now and into the future. Cybersecurity, particularly the convergence of physical and cyber is a very important enabler"

The new collaboration initiative between IoTSec Australia and Securing Smart cities will include joint research projects with some of the top researchers in the IoT field including organisations such as IoActive, Kaspersky Lab, Cloud Security Alliance and Bastille.

For a list of reseach outcomes from Securing Smart Cities initiative please see here.

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